What we do & how

We help companies with business and personal transformations, to unlock people potential and engagement focusing on strategic advisory and mentoring:

Strategic transformation

Analysis, strategic planning, priority setting, team alignment, executional support and more.

Transformative mentoring

Focusing on senior and middle management as well as key people, from business to personal challenges leading to competency improvement.

Roadmap to success

Specific execution plan and transformation management leveraging multi-functional, multi-industry long-term expertise.

Tailored fitness programs

Web-based or hybrid fitness programs adapted to specific needs focusing on improving overall energy level in the company as well as individual fitness.


“We are passionate about helping business owners and leaders to improve their company performance. Our team and advisors have multi-national, cross-functional and multi-cultural array of experience from leading blue chip businesses around the world.

We believe that successful companies have solid strategy as well as executional capability. So, what makes a difference? Ability to transform, ability to engage, ability to hold people accountable. We help with successful business as well as individual transformations using our expertise, strategic advisory, team and individual mentoring. Let’s discuss what we can achieve together.”

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Success stories

Our clients are often very satisfied with our advisory work. Have a look at some of their testimonials.

“Working with Dan has always been efficient, productive and a pleasure. Dan partnered with me to help build the Tommy Hilfiger business in Middle-East and Africa to great success.”

David P. Thomson, CEO 2XU, Singapore

I really liked our mentoring discussions, it was never a lecture, we managed to find very natural way for our conversations. Dan used several good examples from his business experience but I never felt he was imposing certain solutions or ideas. We successfully tackled all the key topics that I had in mind and I have enjoyed our sessions.

Barbara Tambini, Operations Manager, Kiwi.com, Brno

“Mentoring with Dan has definitely been eye opening and inspiring for immediate changes. Each session felt like a direct call to action, however without an urge to do things in some specific way. I got enough freedom to make things out of each conversation myself in my own way. Overall, I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity to meet such an all round interesting person, who was able to guide me through my work related thoughts.”

Kostya Soloviov, B2B Product Manager, Kiwi.com, Brno

“Under the umbrella of Dubai Fitness Challenge we had engaged Imbangan to get the entire Smart4Power team into the exercise mode. The ExFitt online fitness program gently builds up over the 4 weeks initial period and allows for participants of all levels of fitness. The live video calls with Dan were fun and created a lot of momentum and engagement within the team.”

Andreas Kolb, Managing Director Smart4Power, Dubai