Research and case studies

Research and case studies confirm that healthy, fit & mindful employees perform better, achieve more and reduce company costs.

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Benefits of fitness and mindfulness programs

For owners

  • Better company performance
  • Higher level of associates’ energy
  • Higher employee engagement and loyalty
  • Creating positive company culture
  • Increasing team collaboration
  • Building attractive employer attracts the best talent
  • Reducing absenteeism and increased safety
  • Decreasing healthcare costs (*where applicable)

For employees

  • Higher level of energy overall
  • Lower costs of healthcare
  • Lower costs of health insurance premiums (*where applicable)
  • Better quality of life, happiness
  • Increased perceived work-life balance
  • Reducing negative effects of prolonged sitting

For HR team

  • Creating positive company culture
  • Increasing team collaboration
  • Building attractive employer position >> best talent acquisition easier
  • Employees perceive the HR team as value-adding
  • Management respect and gratification
  • Monitoring and measuring tools to document progress
  • Reducing absenteeism and increased safety

How do you measure influence of employee health, fitness or mindfulness on business performance in your company today?

What we do & how

We help companies unlock people potential and engagement, focusing on fitness and mindfulness.

Fitness & mindfulness audit

Without a proper analysis there is no progress.

Roadmap to success

Strategic plan to move to the next level including executional support.

Mindfulness for leaders

Improving focus and awareness of the leadership team.

Online fitness

Web-based fitness programs tailored to company needs.


“We are passionate about helping business owners and leaders to improve their company performance. Our team and advisors have multi-national, cross-functional and multi-cultural array of experience from leading blue chip businesses around the world.

We believe that the most successful companies have solid strategy as well as executional capability. So, what makes a difference? Some leaders even understand the link between team health, fitness and mindfulness and company performance. Many however struggle with designing a meaningful strategy and tools to bring this competitive advantage alive.”

How strong do you think is the link between team health, fitness and mindfulness to the business performance?

Success stories

Our clients are often very satisfied with our advisory work. Have a look at some of their testimonials.

“Under the umbrella of Dubai Fitness Challenge we had engaged Imbangan to get the entire Smart4Power team into the exercise mode. The ExFitt online fitness program gently builds up over the 4 weeks initial period and allows for participants of all levels of fitness. The live video calls with Dan were fun and created a lot of momentum and engagement within the team.”

Andreas Kolb, Managing Director Smart4Power, Dubai

“Working with Dan has always been efficient, productive and a pleasure. Dan partnered with me to help build the Tommy Hilfiger business in Middle-East and Africa to great success.”

David P. Thomson, CEO 2XU, Singapore


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