Transformative Mentoring

Focusing on senior and middle management as well as key people,
from business to personal challenges leading to competency improvement.


We deliver results agreed together with the HR team and senior leadership:

  • Define company needs and priorities, establish a competency matrix
  • Select mentees from the leadership team and key people
  • 1:1 or team sessions focusing on specific needs and agreed priorities
  • Monitoring of milestones and deliverables
  • Management reporting of common topics


Our areas of our expertise and key topics:

  • Change management and leading in an unpredictable environment
  • Convincing presentations
  • Decision making & handling information
  • Finding the best solution for business challenges
  • Leading others, motivation and engagement
  • Management and facilitation of the meetings
  • Performance management and simplification
  • Personal effectiveness, time management, energy management
  • Complex project management
  • Remote leadership
  • Self and people development
  • Self-awareness and understanding others
  • Setting the targets and priorities
  • Strategic thinking, strategic programming & having a vision
  • Stress and energy management, work-life balance

Do you tackle business challenges alone?


or rather get advice from an experienced mentor?

Transformative Mentoring

Testimonials from the mentees:

“I really liked our mentoring discussions, it was never a lecture, we managed to find very natural way for our conversations. Dan used several good examples from his business experience but I never felt he was imposing certain solutions or ideas. We successfully tackled all the key topics that I had in mind and I have enjoyed our sessions.”

Barbara, Operations Manager,, Brno

“Mentoring with Dan has definitely been eye opening and inspiring for immediate changes. Each session felt like a direct call to action, however without an urge to do things in some specific way. I got enough freedom to make things out of each conversation myself in my own way. Overall, I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity to meet such an all round interesting person, who was able to guide me through my work related thoughts.”

Kostya, B2B Product Manager,, Brno

“I truly enjoyed my mentoring sessions with Dan.  I feel that I advanced in the topics that we covered. Dan has the ability to discuss various themes as well as deeply think about specific questions with specific outcomes or solutions. We have tackled the focus areas with wide yet practical approach that enabled me to learn and apply to my business challenges. Last but not least, I value Dan’s ability to listen and provide relevant personal experience and advice.”

Dan, Engineering Lead & iOS Developer,, Brno

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