What we do & how

We help companies unlock people potential and engagement, focusing on health, fitness and mindfulness.

Fitness & mindfulness audit

Without a proper analysis there is no progress.

  • Evaluation of the present company situation
  • Health, fitness, mindfulness axes
  • Scientific tools, fast online process
  • Benchmarking & best practices
  • Management report as a base to define the specific roadmap

Roadmap to success

Strategic plan to move to the next level.

  • Alignment on objectives to achieve in team health, fitness and mindfulness
  • Strategic plan with clear milestones and deliverables
  • Integration with the overall company strategy
  • Timing and roles + responsibilities
  • Leadership support and communication plan

Execution support

Deliver agreed results together with the team.

  • Strategy-into-action workshop(s)
  • Develop execution plan with relevant teams
  • From completely internal execution to hands-on support
  • Monitoring of milestones and deliverables
  • Management reporting

Online fitness

Web-based fitness programs tailored to company needs.

  • Proven online fitness program accessible on any device
  • Focus on core strength and body flexibility
  • Mitigate negative effects of prolong sitting
  • Anytime, anywhere, no equipment
  • Support video calls to motivate teams and evaluate progress
  • Optional 1:1 fitness and lifestyle/nutrition coaching
  • Learn more about the ExFitt Fitness Program here

Mindfulness for leaders

Improve focus and awareness of the leadership team.

  • Importance of mindfulness for leaders
  • Increase focus and awareness
  • Successful strategies for dealing with stress
  • Mindfulness workshop(s)
  • Relaxation breathing techniques

Strategic advisory to investors

M&A or business case project evaluation and recommendation.

  • M&A
  • Company strategy assessment, identify gaps
  • Company executional abilities assessment, identify gaps
  • Business case or investment evaluation
  • Risk assessment and mitigation

Emerging markets entry/expansion

Developing strategies and executional plans to suceed.

  • Development of entry strategy together with relevant teams
  • Evaluation of existing plans and their readiness to succeed
  • Financial sustainability
  • Market & Consumer insights
  • Commercial strategy
  • Focus: Asia, Middle-East, Africa, Australia, Central/Eastern Europe

Commercial advisory

Sales and marketing strategy and plans, team assessment.

  • Market & Consumer insights
  • Marketing strategy and plans including digital
  • Sales strategy and drivers
  • Team skills and capabilities evaluation
  • Start-up business plan development

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