Lower Back Pain: The Latest Resources

Many of you if not everyone know this feeling – you were just trying to tie a shoelace or load shopping bags into the car trunk and all of a sudden there is a sharp pain that you feel in your lower back. You already know that such pain signals a problem and usually a doctor’s visit, medication, physiotherapy and a couple of weeks of compromised mobility. So annoying!

Lower Back Pain - herniated disc
Lower Back Pain – herniated disc

Here are the latest resources about lower back pain and related sciatica issues. I am not a doctor, however have a lot of first hand experience. I trust that such simple but comprehensive summary could help address your challenges too.

Learn more: Lower Back Pain: Causes, Symptoms, Exercises

The article covers many key issues such as:

  • What causes lower back pain and what are successful solutions to prevent it
  • What exactly happens in your lower back
  • How to help reduce your lower back pain in the acute phase
  • How to prevent lower back pain
  • My personal experience with lower back pain

You could also watch the earlier video covering the topic. Alternatively, learn how to improve your body flexibility with stretching exercises.

One of the tools to help alleviate the discussed issues is clearly strong core and improved body flexibility. There are many ways how to improve your fitness level, you may try to have a look at the ExFitt SequenceTM and see whether it helps you the way it helped me and other people.

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