Matthew G. Wattles & Chad Harris: The Relationship Between Fitness Levels and Employee’s Perceived Productivity, Job Satisfaction and Absenteeism

Matthew G. Wattles & Chad Harris, Journal of Exercise Physiology, Volume 6 Number 1, February 2003

Study: 143 employees of a northwest business completed a fitness assessment measuring percentage body fat, cardiorespiratory endurance, flexibility and muscular strength and were surveyed to determine the relationship between fitness levels and perceived productivity and job satisfaction, comparing also absenteeism rates over one year period.

Results: Job satisfaction was influenced by cardiovascular endurance, productivity by muscular strength, absenteeism shows a trend assessed against levels of flexibility. The study has identified higher levels of independent components of fitness may positively influence employees’ productivity, job satisfaction and absenteeism.

Read the full article: Journal of Exercise Psychology

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